Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Do you check you blood pressure on a regular basis? It is estimated that 50 million people in the US over age 30 have high blood pressure or hypertension. Most people are unaware of their condition. Patients who are taking medication for blood pressure should monitor their blood pressure to make sure the medication they are taking is working. It is estimated that only 27% of people with high blood pressure are controlled. It is important to keep our blood pressure as close to normal since hypertension increases your risk for stroke, angina, heart attack, heart failure, and end stage kidney disease. Our pharmacists can help you monitor your blood pressure. Contact our staff today!

What is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is a measurement of the force your blood pushes against blood vessel walls as it flows through your body. Your blood pressure is recorded as two numbers divided by a backslash.

The first number, known as systolic blood pressure, reflects the maximum force your blood exerts on your blood vessel walls when your heart contracts. The second number, known as diastolic blood pressure, is the force your blood exerts on your blood vessel walls when your heart is at rest between beats.

When your blood pressure is >=140/90 you are considered to have high blood pressure or hypertension. Do you know what your blood pressure is? Everyone should have their blood pressure checked yearly.

What causes hypertension?

For most people the exact cause of hypertension is unknown. In some cases diseases can cause secondary hypertension. Also, medications can cause your blood pressure to increase. A few examples are decongestants, diet aids, and anti- inflammatory agents such as ibuprofen.

What can you do?

Quit smoking and limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Eat well. A diet that is low in salt, saturated fat, and cholesterol can help lower your blood pressure. exercise daily. A routine of regular exercise, which is right for your age and fitness level can lower your blood pressure. These can also lead to healthy weight loss. If you are on medication, take it as directed.