PGY-1 Community Based Residency

  • Our pharmacy provides an innovate teaching site for the University of Iowa's PGY1 Community-Based Residency Program. The residency program has been nationally accredited by APhA/ASHP. This one year program allows PharmD graduates to enhance and sharpen their patient care skills, develop patient care services and understand the management of a patient focused practice.

Practice Site Features

Five consultation areas

  • functional
  • accessible
  • private
  • semi-private

Full line of Home Medical and Respiratory equipment and services

Long Term Care – Provide and Consult to seven facilities

  • nursing facilities
  • residential care
  • assisted living
  • ICF-MR

Case Management Services - provided:

  • onsite
  • at workplace
  • in patients’ homes

Teaching Opportunities

Initial practice experiences and PharmD students, staff education, health education and awareness in the community

Political and Organizational Involvement

Preceptors are leaders in local, state, and national pharmacy organizations. Former State Legislator on site provides broad exposure to health care politics

Past Residents

Megan Ditzman

Kole Gallick

Kate Mouser

Amy Dunleavy

Sam Williams

Jessie Schaefer

Taylor Reed

Megan Engel

Val Wersching

Janis Rood

Amber Purdy

Sara Wormley

Lynette Wickman

Catherine Pearce

Laura Gurnee

Sukhmani Sarao

Sarah Boyce

Rebekah Jackowski

Amy Belger

Justin Wilson

Brenna Button

Rajul Gandhi

Jennifer James

Tammy Bullock

Angela Tice